Sunday, 31 January 2016

My Style Diary - Feeling Feminine in Floral and Chatting About Personal Style


So these photos are a little late (they were taken on Christmas day!) but I just had to share them as I am super in love with this gorgeous dress! I absolutely love the beautiful floral pattern, the colours (which are so very "Lauren") and the cut, with the fitted bodice and full skirt (and there's even a bow on the back!). It's just one of those dresses that makes you feel so feminine and pretty (and it's perfect for twirling around in!)

Since I've been experimenting with capsule wardrobes, I've realised that there seem to be two distinct sides to my style.
One is the super girlie side that you see in these photos (pretty floral dresses with a slight 50's feel are my faves), but then I also love the really laid back, relaxed look of a t-shirt and jeans or denim shorts. Two very different looks, but both are still very "me".

I guess that's the fun thing about fashion - you can play a little, chop and change and experiment until you find what works for you, and that doesn't just have to be one specific style. 

It's fun to be able to show a little bit of your personality through the way you dress, and there are so many different aspects to our personalities, so  our "personal style" doesn't just have to be one defined look. It's whatever you feel fab in, whatever makes you feel your best!
For me, sometimes that means dressing up and wearing a beautiful dress, but other times it means a t-shirt and a pair of ripped jeans.

I've always admired how some people can have a very well defined style that's consistent and just completely "them", Ally from The Vintage Valley is specifically who I'm thinking about right now (You should check her out if you haven't before - I absolutely adore her vintage style!) but I've finally realised that for me that's never going to be the case. I need a bit more variety, and that's ok!

What are your thoughts on "personal style"? Do you have a specific kind of "look" or is yours a bit more of a mix of different styles?

Anyway, I rambled for a bit longer there than I thought I would:)
Hope you're having a great Sunday!


Dress - Princess Highway from Dangerfield
Wedges - Aldo
Bag - Jigsaw
Watch - Calvin Klein

 PS - Just had to share a pic of us together - it was the first Christmas in our new place so a pretty special time!

Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Beautiful Houses in Hobart

One of the things I loved about Hobart was all the beautiful old houses.
I have a bit of a thing for older houses, and could quite happily have walked around the streets for hours, just admiring them. With their gorgeous shutters, cute little verandas and colourful front doors (many of which were adorned with beautiful wreaths), they all just had so much character!

The B&B we stayed at, Amberley House (the second last photo) was a lovely old building. It was a really comfortable, cozy place, and I'd recommend it if you're looking for somewhere to stay in Hobart for a few nights. 

Hope you enjoyed the photos!


Saturday, 9 January 2016

Hobart - Salamanca Market and Mona


I have some more Hobart photos to share today :)

Tom and I arrived in Hobart on Friday night, and after dropping our bags at our hotel we went out for dinner at a Greek restaurant called Mezethes Greek Taverna (which I highly recommend, although make sure you're very hungry if you decide to go with the set menu - there was a lot of food!)

The next day we made our way to the iconic Salamanca Market which is open every Saturday (we'd planned our trip specifically so we'd be there when it was on). With nearly 300 stalls, there's a huge variety of products on sale - food, jewellery, woodwork, flowers... but by far my favourite thing was the raspberries. They were the sweetest most delicious raspberries I've ever eaten and just thinking about them now is making me hungry! You must try them if you go to Tasmania!

After strolling around for a good few hours, we then caught the ferry to Mona - The Museum of Old and New Art.
That was definitely a very interesting experience! Anyone who has been there before will know what I mean - some of the pieces of art are... how would you say it... an "acquired taste"? 
It is definitely worth visiting though!

My favourite piece of artwork was actually the trampoline that was outside the building. 
Apparently it had originally been placed inside the museum, but I think it is now in the perfect spot - right on the edge of the cliff overlooking the water. You're actually able to jump on it (which is the whole reason I loved it) and it's a pretty incredible feeling (and just a lot of fun) being able to look out onto the water while bouncing around on this big trampoline!

Anyway, I'll leave it at that for today!
I hope you're having a great Saturday :) 

Lots of Love

Monday, 4 January 2016

My Style (and Travel) Diary - Breakfast at a Bakery and Strolling Around Hobart

Hello hello!

So this is my first post for 2016!
I hope you had a great New Years and a lovely start to January.
I'd been planning on doing a New Years Resolutions type post, but to be honest I haven't actually gotten around to writing down anything specific just yet! I have a few ideas floating around in my head though, so they may end up making an appearance soon (better late than never right?)

Today I have a few photos from Hobart to share! As you may have noticed if follow me on Instagram, one of Tom and my favourite things to do together is go out for breakfast, so of course finding awesome places for breakfast/brunch is a top priority when we're on holiday!
On our second day in Hobart (the first day we ate at our B&B) we found a lovely little bakery called Jackman & McRoss.  The breakfast was pretty good, Tom had just a standard eggs on toast, with some spinach thrown in, while I had a kind of breakfast fritatta. The highlight though was the almond croissant, which I think is the the biggest almond croissant I've ever seen! (The photos don't really do it justice!)
After breakfast we went for a bit of a stroll around Hobart (taking many photos of the gorgeous houses along the way- more coming soon I promise!) and then hopped in the car and headed off to our next destination.

Outfit-wise it was (as usual) a very simple affair - white quilted jumper, navy jeans and comfy shoes. I really am loving this navy and white theme at the moment! It was thankfully not as chilly on our second day (the first day in Hobart was absolutely freezing!) so this combo was perfect!

We only had a couple of days in Hobart but I really fell in love with the place.
I definitely plan on returning one day.
There will be another post about Mona and the Salamanca Markets heading your way in a bit - I just need to get around to sorting out those photos!

Hope you're having a lovely day!


Jumper - Dottie
Jeans - Country Road
Necklace - Mimco
Watch - Calvin Klein
Bag - Jigsaw
Shoes - Roxy

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