Sunday, 20 July 2014

My Style Diary - Stripes and Sparkly Jewels

I've said before that I'm not usually a fan of statement jewellery,  preferring instead to opt for more simple, understated pieces. Lately though I've had a change of heart as I've recently found a few more stand out pieces that were just too pretty to resist.

The first is this gorgeous necklace from Colette by Colette Hayman. It's usually a store that I shy away from as some (well a lot) of the jewellery is just a little to "out there" and crazy for my taste, but the other day I was passing by and thought I'd just pop in for a look and ended up coming out with this lovely piece.
 I love the blush coloured stones and antique gold of this necklace that gives it quite a vintage inspired feel. It's very pretty and feminine, without being over the top. 
Statement necklaces are perfect paired with a simple jeans and jumper outfit, adding just a little more "pizazz" (I've always wanted to use that word!) and making my winter wardrobe a little more exciting (Summer please hurry up!)

Anyway, let me know what you think of statement jewellery :)

Lots of Love

Jumper - French Connection
Jeans - Pilgrim
Boots - Country Road
Jacket - Forever 21
Bag - Jigsaw

Saturday, 19 July 2014

My Style Diary - Pink Plaid and Grey


Last weekend I was lucky enough to escape down to Margaret River for a couple of days, and had the best time just chilling out, going for bush walks and enjoying some yummy food (I seriously love the Margaret River Bakery). It's so beautiful down south in winter - just look at how green everything is!

It may be a little stereotypical, but for some reason I always like pulling out the plaid shirt when I'm spending time in the country. It has a very relaxed, laid back vibe which just seems very appropriate. (Plus I love the fact that I managed to find a more feminine one in typical "Lauren colours" ie: mainly pink).
Add a slouchy beanie and you're all set for a chilled out day!

Lots of Love

Shirt - Cotton On, Jeans - Country Road, Beanie - Jay Jays, Boots - All Saints, Coat - Forever 21

Saturday, 12 July 2014

My Style Diary - More Monochrome

Hello :)

So here we have another black and white outfit! I usually like a little colour, but sometimes there's just nothing quite like a classic black and white combo, particularly when you're playing with slightly different cuts, like this cropped jumper. I love the interesting mix of patterns in this jumper, and the cropped style pairs nicely with this high waisted skirt. Maybe a little young looking... but I'm ok with that. 

I had to throw in just a touch of colour with a red lip and these gorgeous earrings. They were a present for my 21st birthday from a good friend of mine and I absolutely love them. The deep ruby red colour is just so beautiful :)

Anyway, I hope you're having a great weekend! I'm currently down south in Margaret River and thoroughly enjoying myself! 

Lots of Love

Jumper - Quirky Circus
Skirt - not sure... I've had it for years!
Boots - Urban Soul (From Myer)
Earrings - Thomas Sabo
Rings - Dotti

Monday, 7 July 2014

My Style Diary - Black and White Stripes


As I'm writing this I'm sitting watching Top Gear (not usually my first choice of show, but it's on and I'm having "Father-daughter bonding time") and listening to the crazy wild weather going on outside.
I'm not really a fan of winter, as I've mentioned before (the cold just doesn't agree with me, particularly early on Monday mornings), but I do absolutely love the rain - so calming and makes it feel extra cozy inside :) 

I've been getting a little tired of my standard winter uniform of jeans, jumper and jacket though, so I thought I'd mix it up a little and pull out one of my dresses. It seems I have a bit of a thing for stripe-y dresses (last count was 6), but I guess with a print this classic you can't really go wrong. I like pairing this dress with simple, classic accessories and am a little obsessed with rose gold at the moment

I had a little wardrobe tidy-up the other day which led to the rediscovery of quite a number of pieces I'd forgotten about, so hopefully there will be a few more interesting outfits coming up soon (I'm bored of wearing jeans!)

Happy Monday night!

Lots of Love

Dress - French Connection, Coat - Forever 21, Boots - Zomp, Scarf - a birthday gift, Watch - Calvin Klein, Bracelet - Kookai

Friday, 4 July 2014

My Style Diary - Last Minute Changes

It's amazing the difference simply switching jackets can make to an outfit. On this particular day I started off wearing my leather jacket, but after taking a few photos, decided that I was too cold and needed something a little more warm and cozy. I quickly shrugged on my parka, added a scarf and ta-da! - a totally different look, which I managed to snap a few pics of before dashing out. I actually like this outfit with the parka better - ties in the colour of my boots quite nicely I think and just gives a more relaxed vibe :)

Enough about jackets though - lets move onto the real star of the show today which is this gorgeous new bag from Trenery. I love the tan colour and beautiful detailing (I'm a sucker for gold hardware), and the fact that it's a little bigger than my other handbags is a big plus. If you've read my blog at all you'll know I'm a real bargain hunter, so at 40% off I couldn't resist! 
(I admit that I have a slight shopping addiction, but at least I'm good at finding great deals! Really - I'm saving money! hehe)

Anyway, let me know which you like best. Leather jacket or Parka?

Lots of Love

Parka - Forever New, Jumper - Dotti, Jeans - Siwy, Boots - Betts, Necklace - Saba, 
Scarf - Market in Cambridge , Bag - Trenery, Watch - Calvin Klein, Leather Jacket - Hong Kong

June in Pictures

Another roundup of all the good bits of June.
Winter walks along the beach with friends, experimenting in the kitchen,  brunching with my Grandma, playing makeup artist for my little sister and her friend for a costume party, and (as always) a lot of shots of food and tea!

I hope you had a great month. I can't believe we're already halfway through the year!

Lots of Love

Thursday, 3 July 2014

My Style Diary - A not so beach-y outfit

Heya :)

Last Saturday I went out with a few of my friends to The Naked Fig cafe and spent a lovely afternoon catching up over coffee and the most delicious peanut butter cheesecake. I seriously love that place - amazing food and amazing view!

 We then went for a short walk along the beach and my friends were kind enough to snap a few photos. 
Now looking back I'm not actually that fond of this outfit, it feels a little childlike and just not really "me". I'm usually a jeans girl and not used to wearing skirts so that's probably why, but I thought I'd share it anyway, seeing as this blog is supposed to be my "style diary", and I do happen to love this top! (Anything with a cat print is a winner in my opinion)

This is Emily. We've been best friends since Year 1 - that's about 18 years of friendship :) See those earrings? She made those herself. So pretty don't you think? :) I've trying to convince her to start her own blog for DIY/crafty things because she is so great at them!

I really need to go for more walks along the beach in winter. It is just so beautiful :)

To Emily, Sheena and Lihan
 (and all my other friends who know about it)
Thanks for not thinking I'm weird for this whole blogging thing. I still get really awkward when people ask me about my blog, but I'm slowly getting better!

Anyway, hope you're having a great Thursday night!

Lots of Love

Top - Forever 21
Dress (worn as skirt) - Forever New
Boots - All Saints
Jacket - Hong Kong
Necklace - Diva

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