Thursday, 21 May 2015

My Style Diary - Winter Is Coming...

Hello Hello! :)

Considering the title of this post I should probably start out by admitting that I have not actually been following Game of Thrones very closely at all! I've watched episodes here and there, but to be honest it hasn't really grabbed my attention and I'm not really too fussed about it right now (don't hate me for it!)
I'm sure it'll be one of those things where I discover way to late what I was missing out on and wish I'd seen the light sooner (as my best friend did with Harry Potter) but for now that's just how it is :p

Winter is definitely on its way and the weather was pretty wild in Perth over the weekend (yes it does actually rain here once in a while). I love the rain but I'm not so fond of the cold that comes with it, but it has given me the chance to pull out my cozy winter knits and scarves. I particularly love this white quilted jumper that I picked up on sale at Dotti a few weeks ago. I have the same one in grey and wore it so much last year that I figured I may as well get the white version too. I'm in the process of editing my wardrobe to include only things I truly love and will wear all the time, and this lovely soft jumper fits the bill perfectly. 

Another new love (yes there are a few new things in this post but they were all things I needed I promise!) are these pointed black flats. My ballet flats were looking a little worse for wear so a new pair has been on my shopping list for a while. When I saw these on Instagram (in a photo by @stephvdm who also has an awesome blog - Le Fanciulle) I just had to hunt them down. They're such a classic staple piece and that's what I've been aiming for with my wardrobe lately - stick to the classics and you can't go wrong!

I hope you're having a fab Thursday!

Lots of Love

Jumper - Dotti
Leather Jacket - from Hong Kong
Jeans - Country Road
Necklace - Colette by Colette Hayman
Ring - Asos
Shoes - Country Road
Bag - Jigsaw

PS: Seeing as I was a bit of a downer about the whole Game of Thrones thing, I thought I'd try and end on a more positive note and share with you a show I have been loving. I highly recommend House of Cards - it's awesome and very addictive! 


  1. Loving all your winter inspo Lauren! This look has so many gorgeous autumnal tones about it, especially the leather jacket and pretty statement necklace. Also love the quilted detailing of your jumper, divine! Your flats are such a staple too, so elegant and chic. <3

    Don't worry GOT bores me to death and that's my opinion after seeing one clip only ;) I'm glad to hear I'm not the only one, then again I never got Harry Potter, Friends, Forrest Gump (everything everyone else seems to like) maybe I should just jet off to Mars haha! Anyway, what I'm trying to say is you're not the only one re GOT :D

    Sophie | soinspo xo

    1. Thank you Sophie!
      haha... yeah it's good to know I'm not alone! xx

  2. YES! The shoes!!
    I've worn them so many times since I bought them. They're not wear-for-the-whole-day shoes yet but I'm working on that ;)

    I actually saw them on my (super fash) Aunty & was inspired to buy them, so we're all sharing the shoe love. Steph xx

    1. Thank you so much for showing them on instagram!
      ... otherwise I probably would never have found them (somehow I just strolled right past them when I saw them in Country Road the first time!) xx


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