Sunday, 31 July 2016

My Style Diary - Flashback to Sumer in a Strawberry Printed Dress

We're currently in the middle of winter, and I have to say I'm a little tired of the chilly weather. I know I really shouldn't be complaining considering our winter here in Perth is only a little colder than a lot of places in summer (as one of my viewer's from the UK pointed out in a comment on my winter capsule video!), but I'm a summer girl and to me it's been super cold, and that makes me want to just curl up inside all day and drink tea in bed (something I happen to be doing as I write this actually)
 If all days could start off like this Sunday morning I'd be okay with it, but sadly that isn't so! (My main gripe with winter is the cold dark mornings, the rest of it really isn't that bad!)
I can't wait until Spring though when I can start pulling out my bright, printed dresses - like this cute strawberry printed one I'm wearing in the photos!

These were actually taken back in December - on Boxing day to be exact! We usually have a relaxed brunch to catch up with some family friends the day after Christmas, and this fun dress was just the perfect thing to wear. After brunch, Tom and I then headed to the shops to have a look at engagement rings for the first time which was so exciting! As I've mentioned in my previous post about our engagement, Tom knew I'd want to choose my ring (he's a clever one), so proposed without one and we went and looked together once we got back from Tassie.
While we didn't find a ring that day (it actually took many trips to a number of different jewellers before we ended up having something made), it was such a fun day and I have great memories of it!

It's funny how something as simple as an outfit post like this can trigger these memories of such a lovely day! It's definitely one my favourite things about having a blog :)
It's also kinda funny how some days I'll have nothing to write about (which is why these photos have sat in my "draft posts" for months) and then I saw them today and thought - yep it's time to share them!
Does anyone else have that happen to them? Some days I'll have no inspiration, while on others the words just flow so easily!
Anyway, I'll leave it at that for now.
If you're a blogger too - what's your fave thing about blogging? I'd love to know!

Lots of Love
Dress - Princess Highway - Dangerfield
Sandals - Windsor Smith
Bag - Jigsaw


  1. So stunningly pretty in strawberry Lauren! The print has to be the sweetest I've ever seen and I adore your tan sandals that finish off the look perfectly :) My heart goes out to you, as a fellow summer soul I'm already beginning to dread the summer fading out (even though it's only August!) and I can imagine how frustrating it can be when winters still running its course. It seems to drag on forever, I think we need to get our scientific hats on and start an eternal summertime that can be forever-lasting. What do you reckon? ;) We can wear our summer dresses all year long then, yay! <3

    Ahh, a Boxing Day brunch sounds perfect and it sounds as though the day these gorgeous pics were taken it was such a special day, so sweet and thoughtful that Tom knew you wanted to choose your own ring, and I can imagine going ring-shopping for the first time must have been so exciting and life-changing. Truly so happy for you both Lauren, you are such a lovely, gorgeous couple and here's to the start of such a wonderful chapter in your lives. I know you're gonna look all the dreamy on the big day when it comes, the most beaut bride there ever was! <3

    So fab to catch up with your gorgeous blog at long last (can't tell you how long I've been meaning to catch-up with you properly, what am I like?!). One of my favourite things about blogging has to be meeting amazing people like yourself, and the understanding that goes with the community. Here's to blogging, weddings, summer, and all that good stuff ;)

    Sophie | soinspo xo

    1. You are so so sweet Sophie :p (and sorry for my tardy reply which you might not end up seeing!) I'm off to catch up on your blog now! xx


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