Wednesday, 29 January 2014

My Style Diary - Summer

Hi :)

I'm currently down in Margaret River enjoying a week off from work. It is seriously the most relaxing place... I just find that all my worries seem to slip away when I'm here :) 

This morning we went for a walk along the beach. It was the perfect weather - warm, but not unbearably hot, so a great chance to get some much needed Vitamin D 
(Apparently I am somehow Vitamin D deficient... weird...)

My lovely Mum was kind enough to take a few quick snaps for me. Not really a blogworthy outfit, but I thought I'd include it nonetheless. This is my "style diary" after all, and it would be wrong to exclude my typical summer attire. These shorts were a bargain find for $5 at a Red Cross clothing sale. I love the cute little anchor patterned pockets!

Summer truly is my favourite time of year. I've been slightly envious of all the northern hemisphere bloggers with their beautiful snowy photos, but I know if I was there I would be wishing for the warmer weather. Summer is just so easy, simple... and I need to remember to appreciate it!


Hat - Sportsgirl
Top - Country Road
Shorts - Lee (from Red Cross Sale)

I just had to include one true colour photo :)


  1. No worries :) It's a cute outfit just the same! Love the bold stripes on the top and those shorts really were such a steal. Your hat is the perfect touch. Also loving the vintage/sepia feel of the photos though the last one in true color really is vibrant and pretty! You're so right about we Northern hemisphere bloggers. So envious haha!

    1. Thank you for your lovely comment! :) Yeah I decided to use the sepia filter mainly because the light was a bit harsh in most of the pics, seeing as it was the middle of the day when we took these photos! I'm always conflicted when it comes to editing photos like this though, because I love the effect, but at the same time it's a shame to lose the beautiful vibrant colours! Ah well :p


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