Thursday, 23 October 2014

My Style Diary - Work Wear #3

Here we have a set of photos that I took weeks ago and somehow forgot about!
I present to you another work outfit - once again following my standard (slightly boring) formula of black pants + ballet flats + shirt.
I am extremely unadventurous when it comes to dressing for work, preferring instead to enjoy the extra sleep time, so having a standard "uniform" makes things flow much more smoothly early in the morning.
These Country Road pants are probably the single most worn item of clothing in my wardrobe - I have 2 pairs that are on constant rotation due to the fact that
a) they're super comfy (something that rates very highly with me),
b) they go with pretty much every top I own (duhh they're black pants!) and
c) they are a breeze to wash and iron (unlike that shirt I mentioned in my last post!)

As you can probably tell from most of my outfits, I'm all about simple, easy dressing, and that particularly applies to my work wardrobe. Looking put together with minimal effort is my general fashion philosophy.

Wow, that's the second post where I've talked about ironing... I'll do my best to make the next post more exciting!


Top - Sportsgirl
Pants and Shoes - Country Road


  1. Oh wow! So beautiful! I love your pretty print blouse against the pretty pink blooms as a backdrop, super, super gorgeous! Not boring at all, anything but ^_^ I must admit when I worked at an office I really resented spending time organising my outfit, usually I went in with no make-up on (ie. half dead), and a badly thought out outfit but I just couldn't be bothered. I think as soon as we feel we "have to" chose something to wear, fashion loses all it's appeal! If I could look half as lovely as you for work, I'd be pretty damn happy, that's a promise! ;) <3

    Sophie | soinspo xo

    1. Aww thank you again Sophie! ...I definitely have those days too - actually most work days are no makeup days for me... I value my sleep time too much! hehe


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