Sunday, 26 October 2014

My Style Diary - Lazy Sunday

While I love going out for a yummy Sunday brunch, sometimes you just feel like relaxing at home with a simple breakfast of Vegemite on toast and tea (which tastes even better when it's made by the bf and served in a cute mug :) Thank you Tom!)

Lazy Sundays like these call for the comfiest of jeans and the softest, snuggly-est T-shirt.

I hope you're having a great Sunday, whatever you happen to be getting up to!


Jeans - Siwy
T-shirt - Pull & Bear


  1. Love the laid-back sunday theme here Lauren, so super cute :) Talking of cute, your t-shirt- awwww! ^_^
    Vegemite on toast sounds amazing! Agreed that it's always good to go out for brunch (you visit the yummiest places btw, your IG photos are so gorgeous), but nothing beats a chilled sunday at home <3

    Sophie | soinspo xo


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