Friday, 30 January 2015

Summer, You Make Me Happy

Last week Tom and I decided to head down south to Margaret River. It's so nice to get away for a bit, even just for a few days, and Margaret River is truly one of my favourite places in the world.

On the way down we stopped in Busselton to stretch our legs, and while we did contemplate walking the jetty, seeing as it's 1841m long (the longest wooden piled jetty in the Southern Hemisphere) and it was a crazy hot day, we decided to save ourselves from sunburn and leave that for next time. 

Instead, we had a lovely little stroll along the beach, while indulging in some delicious Simmo's ice-cream. 
Tom can be such a little kid sometimes and gets very excited about ice-cream - you can tell from the giant smile on his face that he was pretty darn happy about it! :)
I had the Orange Choc-Chip flavour and it was soo good! 

Ahh Summer... blue skies, beautiful beaches, sand between you toes, melting hot days and scrumptious ice-cream to cool you down ...
Life doesn't get better than this! 

Lots of Love

Top - H&M
Shorts - Cotton On
Hat - Sportsgirl
Bag - Jigsaw

PS - A bit random, but I found a pretty cool time-lapse video of melting ice-cream. It's quite hypnotic! 


  1. This looks amazing! I want to visit Australia so badly xx

    Abi | - Dont forget to enter my giveaway

    1. Thanks Abi! Hopefully you'll get to visit one day! xx

  2. Love this post - I haven't been to Margaret River in so long, a trip there is definitely overdue for me :)
    Also, thank you again for nominating for the liebster award, i loved answering your questions and getting to find new bloggers. if youre interested, here is my post on the liebster award :

    thank you again for nominating me love xx

    1. Thanks Jessica! You're most welcome - I'm glad you wanted to do it! Loved your post xx


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